Tuesday, July 14, 2015

September 2015 - WEEKDAYS

This is a bit strange but I will be posting September schedule before I post the August one. The reason is, I got the September schedule today though I still didn't get August. I do expect August to be the same as July since it's summer and they rarely change anything these days. Same for Boomerang.

A whole new schedule in September with the usual mix of current CN hit series. There's even more long, double bill slots that now dominate the schedule. CARTOON TOON TOON line up stays the same with Green Lantern and Flapjeck joining the block.

/all times CET/

06.00    Teen Titans Go   
06.25    Steven Universe   
06.50    Angelo Rules   
07.15    The Amazing World Of Gumball 
08.05    Clarence 
08.30    Uncle Grandpa 
08.55    Adventure Time     
09.35    Regular Show   
10.00    Total Drama 
10.25    Dragons: Riders of Berk 
10.50    The Looney Tunes Show    
13.05    Adventure Time   
13.45    Dr. Dimensionpants   
14.10    Ben 10   
15.05    Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu    
15.40    Teen Titans Go 
16.05    Steven Universe  
16.30    Angelo Rules 
16.55    The Amazing World Of Gumball          
18.00    Clarence  
18.25    Uncle Grandpa   
18.50    Johnny Test   
19.15    Adventure Time   
20.05    Regular Show   
21.00    Xiaolin Chronicles   
21.25    Fantastic Four   
22.10    Chop Socky Chooks   
23.00    The Amazing World Of Gumball   
23.45    Robotboy   
00.35    Eliot Kid   
01.25    The Amazing World Of Gumball   
02.10    Xiaolin Chronicles   
03.00    Angelo Rules   
03.25    The Amazing World Of Gumball   
04.20    Johnny Test   
05.10    Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu  


Here's the 11.15 line up in September:

MONDAY:            Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
TUESDAY:           Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc.
WEDNESDAY:     Camp Lazlo
THURSDAY:        Green Lantern
FRIDAY:             Xiaolin Showdown

.... and the 12.05 edition:

MONDAY:            Flapjack
TUESDAY:           My Gym Partner's a Monkey
WEDNESDAY:     The Powerpuff Girls
THURSDAY:        Johnny Test
FRIDAY:             Dexter's Laboratory

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